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Hi, I'm Alyne!

Probably the first Half-Mormon, Half-Jewish friend you’ll ever have! I grew up speaking English, Spanish, and Hebrew, and like you, I LOVE to travel! 85 countries later, my hobby has somehow turned into my JOBBY (Job/hobby haha)!

Now, I make videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube that share my experiences with not only travel, but also: being a woman, divorce, and money! It’s so nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy reading about my mistakes, so that you don’t have to make the same ones! 😜 ADIOS, ME GUSTA and enjoy the blog!

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“Everyone should meet a person like Alyne once in their life!”

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“Alyne is an amazing content creator! She always adds a lot of value to any projects while keeping things easygoing and fun!”

“Alyne has a presence and the ability to electrify the room!”

So, is this a Travel Blog or what?!

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YES. This is a travel blog made by a female traveler. And a lifestyle blog. And a “look at this mistake I made! blog. And…it’s also not really my blog -it’s OUR travel blog, our diary, our place to write what’s happening on the world.

I made this blog not only to share the few lessons I have learned, but to be a place where YOU can share your story. Where my Vietnamese friends can tell me all about Vietnam, where my friends who suffered domestic abuse can share their stories of triumph, where my friends going through gender changes can share their story in a safe place.  

I wanted to educate people on the things that made my life better: saving my money via the 365 Method, spending a month alone, and throwing away the stigma of divorce.  

I know that each of you has stories like these, and these are the stories you will read here. Feel free to submit your story to 

Want tips to travel as a woman?


"Why should I read this blog?!"

Welcome to the school of life! This blog is about A LOT of things!

Travel destinations guides: you can get guides to the countries you want to visit, and learn the secret and exciting places I found when shooting videos!

Women’s stories: we’ll share posts from our facebook group Girls Gone Global, where women from around the world share their hardest trials and biggest triumphs – like dealing with harassment or getting an amazing job!

And we’ll have life hacks, on everything from loving your natural curly hair, to making videos, to editing pictures on your phone! We’ll show you our favorite places around the world, the most interesting people, and share stories you have never heard before!

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Discover some of my favorite countries

What you're about to learn!

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This blog is like my home, all are welcome, but you’ve got to play by the rules!

That means to make sure you stay open minded, be ready to learn, and happy to share your experiences! I hope this blog will be a communal experience, where you can make friends, find people you relate to, and see the world from the comfort of your couch. 

Here we will discuss hard issues, like FGM, The Pink Tax, and Visa Inequality. But we will also learn about lighthearted things like, “Alyne, please finally tell us, how do you do your Egyptian Eyeliner?!” and “What do you do to take care of your skin while traveling with only a carry on?!” 

I’ll also share with you updates on Dear Alyne Retreats, our Women Only Retreats that we hold with women from around the world! You’ll find exclusive classes here! So that even if you can’t make it to the in-person experience, you can learn along with us.

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