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It's time to LEARN! 🎉

A university degree costs $90,000. Dear Alyne courses cost.. well, much less than that.

We are all about education! We want you to feel empowered, find like-minded friends and learn what Google can’t teach you. Seriously! 

So whether you are looking for financial education, content creation classes or simply wellbeing and networking we have something for everyone. 

Even more, every online course you will take, whether live or pre-recorded, offers you:

  • Access to an exclusive group where you can network with other like-minded creators
  • Assignments that prepare you for your next goals
  • Lots of resources and handouts that help you in your journey
  • Recording is always included for live courses and pre-recorded courses offer lifetime access
  • Money back guarantee if you didn’t enjoy the course!

My online 'Learn at your own pace' courses:

⭐BEST Seller: ContentCreation Masterclass⭐

Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Length: 20 hours

New to content creation? The Masterclass teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know in a 16-module long course: the Anatomy of a Video, Scripting, Editing and even Brand Deals. You will get assignments and by the end you will have your very first video ready to publish.

Best Value and Most Recommended!

Content Creation Crash Course

Level: Beginner
Length: 2 hours

This course teaches the basics of a video that people WANT to watch and the ways to succeed as a content creator. We go over what platform is best for you, how to brand yourself and how to grow your social presence.

My online LIVE Classes:

Let's Talk Money

Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Length: TBA

Always dreamed about working and traveling? This course teaches you all the ways in which you can earn money as a digital nomad or as a beginner Content Creator. Learn how to get brand deals without a following, how to pitch a brand and negotiate your rates! NEXT CLASS: October 2021.

How to Talk About Sensitive Topics

Level: Intermediate
Length: 4 hours

This class is meant for those with a passion for talking about what TRULY matters to them- despite it being a taboo. I will show you the thought process behind my scripts, ways to talk about social issues while still being considerate and how to deal with the hate that comes with speaking for what’s right.

My IN PERSON retreats:

Participants: Application-based (each retreat has different requirements)
Length: 6 days, 5 nights (subject to change*)

The Dear Alyne Retreats come from a need of CONNECTION, EXPLORATION and WELLBEING! We travel the world, network with a fun and curated group, explore the culture of a new country and reconnect to our inner selves. Each retreat has a different theme but all of them will be full of workshops, unique sightseeing and self-exploration. 

NOTE: Our retreats are available only a few times a year. Click the link below to read more details and to get notified about our next retreat.

This is your sign to start learning what truly INTERESTS you and to be who you want to be.  

Start NOW, and in one year from today you will thank yourself. The best investment to do is in your knowledge!

See you in class!

Questions?! Email and we’ll answer everything!