Guest Post Submission

guest post submission

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Because sharing with others has made me what I am today, I decided to open this blog today to let as many voices as possible express themselves!

I want your story to be heard, your home country to be explored, and your experiences to be shared. 

I haven’t been everywhere and I don’t know everything, that’s why we took this decision, to give YOU a platform to reach our audience of over 2 Million.

This is a great way to have:

  1. Better SEO for your website
  2. Higher Rankings for your name and website
  3. A positive brand association
  4. A chance for thousands to read YOUR unique story. 

What Content are we Looking for?

Each content has an added value to bring to the blog! However, we have some preferred topics listed below:

Related content:

  • Europe related content
  • North-America related content
  • South-America related content
  • Central-Asia related content
  • Africa related content (north and south)
  • Empowerment/Feminism related content
  • Healthy lifestyle related content
  • Solo travel experiences
  • Female traveler experiences


  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Greece
  •  Albania
  • Croatia
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Etc…


  • XX things to do in — (country, city)
  • How to — (anything traveling related)
  • Complete (city, country) travel guide

We only accept articles with 100% original content. Please do not send an article that has already been written and/or published on another website. However, this is allowed for images.

Recommended length: All articles should be a minimum of 1500 words to a maximum of 3000 words for very detailed guides. Sometimes there may be exceptions and we will look carefully at the type of article you choose to give you the best guidance.

Content writing type: Your article should provide as much information as possible for the readers. You must answer problems related to travelers: where to sleep cheaply, how to organize my trip, how to travel safely… Don’t write for yourself but highlight all your personal experiences of your travels by providing tips and advice about the chosen destination.

About images: All articles must include original photos. For information, an article that contains a minimum of 10 high quality photos (max 150kb) will be privileged as a contributor to the blog. Otherwise we will not be able to accept your article suggestion.

How to Submit and Send a Post?

To send your post, write to us at

Please put “New Guest Post Submission – Your name” in the subject line.

  1. Please include in your email all these elements:Who are you?
  2. Travel experiences and most visited countries
  3. Link to your blog, channel or anything else you’ve already created
  4. A list of ideas for topics you would like to write about with titles (55 characters maximum) and a description of the articles (with a quick plan structure)
  5. Google drive or dropbox link to access all the pictures (+password if needed).

If you meet all the conditions and we validate your presentation and blog idea, you will receive a response from us. If you do not receive a return email please do not send us a reminder as we receive hundreds of emails per day.

Follow all the instructions carefully to have the chance to see your article appear on our blog. Every detail counts, so please be careful and careful in what you send.

Note: If drafts of articles are too complex to correct and take time to edit, we can refuse to post it at any time. There will necessarily be back and forth to polish the article and be ready to receive comments from my team.