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A Project, An Idea?

Let's work together!

Alyne standing in front of the camera to talk about the media kit

Who is Alyne?

Hi! My name is Alyne Tamir and I’m the creator of “Dear Alyne”, a brand and content creation company with over 2 million amazing followers from around the world, and over 200 Million views in the last 2 years. There aren’t many female video makers out there, so I’m happy you found me! 

I work with brands like Agoda, The International Red Cross, The UN, and Tourism Boards to craft videos that will communicate their important messages in a clear, concise, fun way to my audience and beyond. 

I also create weekly videos that open conversations around Social Issues like “The pink tax” and “The visa trap” that are meant to change the narrative.

Since I have been blessed to succeed, I now run retreats and courses that train aspiring female creators and clients on building their personal brand and creating simple videos that work. We also have courses that men can take.

Let's Collaborate!

Hi! My name is Alyne and I create videos for brands that tell their stories. My job is to find the connection between you and your audience. How? Like this!

1.) Let’s make a video!
 These videos reach millions with your brand story. 

2.) Let’s define your brand! 
I can work with your team and help them learn what they need to do to define and strengthen your brands reach on social media. We can train them on how to have better reach, and make better videos. 

3.) Other campaigns: For speaking engagements, blog posts, and other types of collaborations, please contact us.

Alyne riding a tuk tuk in pakistan