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Dear Alyne Retreats - See you in Tulum, Mexico!

Join now by completing the form!

Join now by completing the form!

This is not your average retreat.

Welcome Piñatas (wait til you see what falls out), Vino Viernes (that’s “Wine Friday” in Spanish), and “Getting Financially Naked” (don’t worry, no clothes will come off!) are just a glimpse of what we’ll do. If you know Alyne, you know it will be crazy 😂 

It’s not healthy to stare at your laptop, phone, or TV, over and over and over. Studies show, that to sit for 12 hours a day is as bad for you as smoking! 

Humans are meant for social interaction, exploration, and CONNECTION.
We need to heal from the trauma of this pandemic.
And that’s what this retreat is for! 

This is your sign you can travel, take care of your mental health and meet people that will help you grow… all in a safe and responsible way.


This retreat will be very different from our past ones, which were 100% focused on content creation and learning. This time we’ll focus on:

  • Networking with a fun, accomplished curated group
  • Exploring beautiful Mexico
  • A digital detoxbreaks from THE INTERNET
  • Reconnecting and healing yourself
  • Workshops – like “Getting financially naked“!

Retreat Dates:

Retreat 1: May 17-22 2021, 6 days, 5 nights.

Retreat 2: May 31 – June 5 2021, 6 days, 5 nights 

*However, we MIGHT move it the week before so make sure that you’re free during the whole period.

To apply, you must be flexible (#pandemic).  If something were to happen in Mexico last minute, we might choose a different location in Central/South America. The chances for this to happen are small, but #pandemic 😀

Airport closest to TulumCancun airport.

Airport transfer: Included

Booking Flights: We recommend booking your flight with airlines that are easily refundable and having an insurance that covers anything Covid-related (Alyne uses SafetyWing).

GROUP SIZE: 16 (Our last retreat was 16 and this was perfect!) 

Throwing a group retreat during a pandemic is HARD so if you plan to come, save Alyne’s sanity and submit your application ASAP as we need to place a deposit to hold the location. The sooner you apply, the better the chance of getting in!


We will assign the best Villa rooms based on who signed up first, 😈 teehee so sign up fast!

About the magical city of Tulum

Wellness, charm and adventure. If you are looking for a place that challenges your inner spiritual self, then you will find it on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico. It’s like the Bali of South America! Populated since over 2000 years before our era, this place holds an energy unlike any other in the world. It’s the ideal location, where culture and history mingle and the jungle and ocean meet to form some of the best sceneries you will ever see before your eyes.

This is the realm of vegetarian food, tropical vibes, yoga and spiritual connection! More and more digital nomads choose this destination as their new home and we know exactly why. Come with us and discover what Tulum has in store for you!

Can men apply?

Yes*! For the first time ever, we are opening our retreat to men (because we specifically know some amazing men that want to join!). So, if you’re a guy or gal (or LGBTQ+ community always welcome Xx) that wanted to come for a while, this is your chance! Couples also welcome. 

*Note: We are only accepting men who are very comfortable with their feminine sides – that means we will be doing spiritual practices, talking circles, doing yoga sessions and many more wellbeing activities. If that makes you uncomfortable, then this might not be the right fit for you. This isn’t for dating 😀 Its for SOUL HEALING AND FRIENDSHIP

But...pandemic? 😳

If you are worried, immunocompromised, etc, do not come. We will be as responsible as possible but you are responsible for yourself. That being said, We do not take the current pandemic lightly. We believe that we can learn, have fun and take care of our mental wellbeing all in a safe environment. Here’s how:

  • Everyone will need to be Covid tested prior to coming and prior to leaving
  • The activities we will be doing will only take place within our group, so we will not be mixing with other people when possible (but there will be mixing: drivers etc). We will wear masks. 
  • We will stay on our private property during workshop hours
  • We will respect all measures imposed by the authorities 

That being said, you need to be responsible for your own insurance and 100% comfortable with taking on the risk. We recommend everyone to take the immunisation if possible and if not, make sure you are not exposed to any risk factor prior to your journey.

Is this the right retreat for you?

Our target for this group is working professionals who need a break but who would enjoy networking with people in other industries. We have people coming who are involved in real estate, government agency work, content creation and so many more. We’d love to have a different mix of careers, therefore your career path/experience will definitely be a factor in the application process.

We want people who can contribute towards our group learning! We’ll also select some of you to give presentations and workshops to share your knowledge with the group.

What's included?

  • Airport transfer from and to Cancun airport
  • Matching (CUTE) outfits made at local small business
  • Entry fees to all the attractions
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Full board meals: 3 meals per day including dessert and snacks (vegetarian sorry hehe) 
  • Ground Transportation to all the activity places
  • Experienced Local Tour guide
  • Local guides at specific places
  • Yoga, group therapy, and any scheduled wellbeing sessions

What's not included?

  • Insurance
  • Flights to Cancun 
  • PCR Tests
  • Visa
  • Discretional purchases: Your personal expenses, snacks, drinks, souvenirs, or other exceptional purchases are not included.

*Please note that there is a high chance for the rooms to be double occupancy.

What will a day in the life of a Dear Alyne Retreat participant look like?!

You will wake up to a spectacular view!

You will eat a healthy breakfast made by one of the best local chefs!

Workshop time! Filled with financial transparency and work insights.

Afternoon may be spent visiting the beautiful natural and historical sights

You may have lunch in a world class restaurant and unbelievable ambience

Time to become besties or take some nice shots! 

We may finish the evening with a wellbeing activity, such as yoga, massage, journaling!

Dinner time – either by our chef or at another out of this world restaurant!

Evening to yourself! Use this time to meditate, hang, visit the town – anything!

How do I sign up?!

To ensure the right mix of people, this retreat is  invite only

Please fill out the following application and our team will take a look at the final group options.  If you are selected, we will send you an invitation via email! You will have 48 hours to accept it so please keep an eye out on your inbox. 

*Note: if not selected, don’t worry! We’ll keep your application safe for future retreats. Each retreat will have a different vibe and purpose so we want to make sure you’re in the right place!

"Mexico is not a country, it is a world." Are you in?!

Questions?! Email and we’ll answer everything!