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Hi! My name is Alyne and I’ve built an amazing community of over 3 million people, reaching almost half a billion views. But, I started out alone, just like you. I had a dream to travel, meet new people, and make the world a better place!

I’d look at people living their dream and think… “HOW?!” 10 years of hard work later, I’ve finally learned how to make content people want to watch! Videos have given me the opportunity to meet presidents, work with my dream brands, and see the world.

The same experience of a Digital Retreat, now in the form of pre-recorded classes!

Moving our Digital Retreats from live to pre-recorded was not an easy thing to do. But after weeks of work, we were able to bring you the best of both worlds: all the information of a digital retreat at less than 50% off the price! 

All modules will be accessible via Teachable and once purchased, you have life access to them. The recordings are yours to keep and review forever!

We bring you 15 modules that teach the basics of content creation from A to Z.

Getting familiar with video making and social media

  • Content Creation Overview: Choosing your platform
  • YouTube 101 with Coralfish12g
  • Confidence on Camera with ProjectNightfall
  • The Anatomy of a Video

Making content creation a career and full time job

  • Brand partnerships: Monetization and the Art of Negotiation with Ben Gilden
  • How to turn your travel blog and YouTube channel into a money maker with Janet Newenham
  • Let’s talk money (Going over Alyne's every $)

Turning your idea into a video

  • The Importance of Scripting
  • Shooting basics
  • Editing with top guest editor, Bruce
  • Editing for Social Media with Dear Alyne

Motivational & Self-branding

  • Who is Dear Alyne?
  • Pitch Practice
  • How to build a media kit
  • Nas Daily’s Story and Q&A

This course is life changing. And if you don't trust us, listen to our graduates!

"What you learn here, you can't get anywhere else"

Lorena Pérez
April Graduate
"I've been blown away by the content, instructions, vibes and
leadership of this group"
Zoe Chen
September Graduate
"The classes are well structured. It reminds me of my Georgetown University MBA classes!"
Daniel Lopez
June Graduate

Watch some of our top graduate's video testimonials here!

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No more excuses!

Learn content creation 

with Dear Alyne, 

at any time and from any place!

Forever! Once you purchase the course, you have life time access to all modules.

This course is designed for people of all ages. All genders. We’ve had students with zero experience win the video contests, people from 21 to well over 50, Moms with many kids, videographers, students figuring out their direction, business owners with huge franchises, and even people with hundreds of thousands of followers. Each and every person loved the course.

No. We’ve had numerous students that put together amazing videos only by using their phone. Alyne also started her Facebook page by posting videos shot on her phone or webcam. You should only invest in advanced tech once you are fully ready!

The general level is low to intermediate. This course is meant for those who are new to content creation – at most intermediate. If you feel like you may be too advanced and are unsure, please ask the team if it’s suitable for you!

Yes! Because it is a recorded class, you can take this course even if underage, as long as you have an adult’s consent.

This is a group of all levels so we will be covering a lot of information, some of it you may know! We will be covering all social media platforms with a focus on Facebook.

This is a complete content creation retreat that includes video making but it’s not the only focus and thing you will learn.

No. Even though most of the classes are taught by Alyne and the Retreat is hosted by Dear Alyne, the focus is not on her. The courses are 100% pre-recorded, therefore you will not be able to have one on one time with Alyne. However, you have the chance to purchase private sessions with Alyne, where she can help you choose your direction in terms of content creation and even business!

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