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Looking for a life changing experience? 🎉

The Dear Alyne Retreats came to life from a need for change. For many of us, life looks like this:

Wake up in the morning, drink your coffee while scrolling through Instagram, leave for work, come back home, watch some Netflix and go to sleep. Who else can relate?! 🙋‍♀️

Humans are meant for social interaction, exploration, and CONNECTION.

Especially after a long and lonely pandemic, the need for bonding with others is stronger than ever.

And that’s what our retreats are for! 

What is the theme?

We believe that the greatest retreats combine the best of both worlds: wellbeing and hustling, connection to self and networking, relaxation and adventure. While each retreat will differ depending on country, participants and Alyne’s mood 😂, we guarantee that there will be something for everyone and no time to get bored.

You can expect:

  • Networking with a fun, accomplished curated group
  • Exploring beautiful countries and their culture
  • digital detox – breaks from THE INTERNET
  • Reconnecting and healing yourself
  • Workshops – like “Getting financially naked

But Alyne! How do I join? 😱

Truth is, these retreats happen rarely. Organizing a one week event in a whole new country is hard – especially when me and my team want every single detail to be IMMACULATE. Given the limited spots (groups are normally between 16-20 people), we have also decided to pick the participants on an application basis. 

But here’s the catch: We always send the first offers to our email list. If you are already subscribed to the Dear Alyne email list, you probably know the deal. You will always get: 

  • Priority to any event we host (that includes online classes, digital retreats, EVERYTHING)
  • Email-list-only dibs and discounts
  • Useful updates about events and opportunities that benefit YOU
  • And ZERO spamming!
So, even though there is no retreat coming up, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next one – whenever that might be (it 100% depends on my mood 😂). It takes 5 seconds and it saves you both time and money!

Our last two retreats happened.. in a global pandemic 😳

And believe it or not, they were a success. Some of the (endless) highlights were:

  • Our first ever mixed retreat for couples (and for any kind of partners in crime😎)
  • Business workshops led by some of the best in their field: “How to invest in real estate”, “How to retire early by investing in the stock market”, “How to start an Airbnb business”
  • Women circle (or as we like to call it at the couple’s retreat: “Human circle”), where we get together and talk about our fears and aspirations
  •  A traditional Mayan ceremony where we enter a hot lodge to get purified and start anew
  • Reflecting on our gratitude by visiting a dog shelter
  • Having fun nights: karaoke in the pool, drinking games and even running together in a tropical storm!
You can read more about our Mexico Business and Wellbeing retreat here.

Yes! Men are WELCOME!

The original Dear Alyne Retreats were women-only, because we wanted to create a safe space and build a community of empowered soul sisters! But our first mixed retreat was a success, so we are definitely going for more in the future 👬 While some retreats might still remain women-only, we encourage men to apply, either single or with their partners (as the type of retreat is always demand-based).

These are not your ordinary retreats. Here's just a glimpse:

Waking up to a spectacular view such as this one!

Healthy, vegetarian meals that will make you say “I can’t believe I don’t miss meat”!

If there’s a Wonder of the World around, be sure we will visit it together.

But we will also go off the beaten path to some local-only known places.

You will learn about yourself in enlightening traditional ceremonies.

And you will learn about those around you in wellbeing activities such as women’s circle.

But learning doesn’t stop! You will participate in workshops held by some of the best.

The end goal is simple: to connect to yourself, to those around you and to find purpose.

And most importantly: you will bond with people that think like you and help you grow.

It's time to live life! Are you in?

Questions?! Email and we’ll answer everything!