10 Best and cool things to do in Hawaii

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When I was in Hawaii I had so much fun ! Here is a 10 best things to do in Hawaii that you will love during your vacation!

It is SUNNY, VIBRANT, and there are so many COLORS, I sure fell in love with it.

I want more people to fall in love with sunny Hawaii, so here’s a post of all the awesome things we did while there. Hopefully this helps a little with inspiring you to visit and plan your trip.

1) Take a walk on the wild side at the Polynesian Cultural Centre

Nas crafting a spear out of a stick

Nas crafting a spear out of a stick using a knife he borrowed from one of the people at the Polynesian Cultural Centre

2) You can see fireknife dancing

hawaii dance flame

Nas crafting a spear out of a stick using a knife he borrowed from one of the people at the Polynesian Cultural Centre

3) You can also see people doing things we can’t do that easily like climbing trees

hawaiian climb on a tree in hawaii

It takes A LOT of strength to do it as quickly as Kap does it!

4) Or watch as people husk bare coconuts with their teeth!

coconut opened with hawaiian teeth

I can just eat coconuts with my bare teeth, that’s about it!

5) And if you like the local style, go update your wardrobe with all the loud bold and amazing colors of Hawaii

hawaii fashion

You can dress however colorfully you want here and people will not judge you, they will LOVE you, like Nas said in his video.

6) You can also get a tattoo (that’s temporary)

11 best things to do in hawaii thumbnail
nas got a tattoo

People were freaking out when they saw the tattoos hehe but they are temporary! Nuseir got one on his neck loloaloalaol.

7) Explore the nature

explore hawaii

And of course this goes without saying, the nature is gorgeous. Beautiful mountains and beaches everywhere!

And there are no snakes here! No crocodiles! No tigers! No animals to be scared of except maybe bugs hehe.

8) And when you come, stay in a huuuuge beautiful villa

airbnb villa in the mountains

We stayed in this amazing villa next to the beach and mountains, which came with KAYAKS and SNORKELING GEAR so we could enjoy the ocean!

It’s around $600 USD a night and 10 people can stay in there so bring all your friends and family! Book it here! And if this is your first time using AirBnb, here’s my link you can use to get a discount off your booking!

9) Throw a little luau when you have time too!

little luau with friends
aloha in hawaii

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party with traditional food, music, dancing, and yes hula hooping too, sometimes! If you have local friends join their luaus to get the full local experience!

We had a loooot of fun meeting amazing people and this GIANT DOG hehe. I’ve been to Hawaii many times (I have family here) and I definitely want to come back.

10) Visit Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

hawaii tropical botanical garden

I love nature and flowers. This is a great place to visit in Hawaii if you want to relax and enjoy amazing time with nature. The tropical botanical garden is something you’ve never seen in your life!

That's about it

And so these are all the things I love about Hawaii! It’s not just a beautiful tropical place to be, it’s also full of culture and vibrant PEOPLE.


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