My Priority Pass lounge review: Is it worth having one?

priority pass lounge review for the first time

We had a lot of fun in the Priority Pass lounge in Singapore! What follows is my experience with visiting the Priority Pass Airport Lounge!

My Priority Pass Experience

I’ve always loved traveling. Ever since I was a kid and saw pictures of the Mayan Pyramids, of Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, and all of those amazing gigantic ruins, I knew I had to visit them when I grew up! So I saved money, pinched my pennies and traveled every summer of college.

Because I was a student I was on a tight budget, so I spent a lot of time sleeping on cold airport floors, squatting next to random electricity outlets in weird places (like…behind unattended counters 😂), and trying to calculate which snacks were the healthiest, biggest, and cheapest.

I can’t count how many times I tried to charm the front desk agents at the Airport Lounges to give me the access codes to their fast free wifi (this always failed).  Those long layovers with no solid internet were awful – especially knowing that good Wi-Fi was literally a step away in the lounges. Lounges that cost up to $75 to visit.

enjoying priority pass lounge experience

Fast forward to now!  I fly almost every week of the year so the time spent in airports adds up! I heard about a company called Priority Pass, which lets you access lounges without flying first class.

Essentially it’s a card (or e-card that you scan on your phone) that gives you access to over 1200 airport lounges worldwide. This, is cool! Because the times I tried to enter lounges without a pass, they would charge me.

I also like this company so much that I invented a slogan for them – “Someday first class but for now…Priority Pass! ” 😂 Tada! 

Here is a video I made of my Priority Pass experience!

So…. How much does Priority Pass cost?

Priority Pass has 3 options as you can see below. For a frequent traveler like me, option 2 or 3 would be best. For someone who just pops in now and then I would start with Standard to see if you like it. You can also get a discount of up to 20% this month here : Priority Pass Dear Alyne Discount

priority pass membership options
Priority Pass Membership Options

We’ve been stuck at airports for long layovers before and paid $75 EACH for access to a crap lounge. That’s over $200 for 3 people for ONE VISIT. It’s simple math. If over the course of a year you would want to visit more than 5 lounges then you’ll save money with the pass. If you plan to just visit one or two and rough it in the main airport areas then it’s not worth it.

What will most likely fit most people’s lifestyle the best is the “Standard Plus” membership for $299. It comes with 10 FREE visits. Any visit after your first 10 free ones are used are discounted to $32. (About half price of normal entrance). So essentially you’re paying $30 per visit with priority pass. Pretty good.

Why it’s worth it:

why it is worth havin a priority pass
  • Free Food. Yes. Each lounge literally has a buffet of free food. Pasta, potatoes, curries, each location is different. It is all you can eat!

  • Free alcohol, water, beverages. You know how much a big water in an airport usually costs. WATER. Is like $6. And alcohol will run you even more. In these lounges you can drink as much as you want, water, soda, alcohol etc for free. It’s all included.

  • Free fast Wi-Fi.The thing I hate most on earth is being stuck on a long layover after a long Wi-fi-less flight with NO INTERNET. IT MAKES ME CRAZY. Partially because then I can’t plan my trip, contact my family, or get any work done. That’s why I love using the lounges. Free fast Wi-fi.

  • Outlets and workspace. Endless outlets and workspace to actually get things done. Paying $30 is worth it to have peace of mind that I can send or receive work files I need, and charge all my equipment for long flights ahead. Also there are private workstations so I can sit and work. Time and money and 2 hours working hard in a lounge can make me back a lot more than the $30 I spent.

  • Random perks. Massage chairs, showers, these are some relaxing perks that exist in some of the lounges!

Why it’s not worth it:

If you travel only once or twice a year you can just pay for a lounge pass. But if you’re a couple entering a lounge just one time, that’s $75 each – that’s $150 so even then… it might be worth it to get the $99 membership because the guest is only $32 then you’re only spending $107. So yeah. Do the math but it will usually save you money.

❤️ Try Priority Pass now for up to 20% off. 🌍

Below are examples of some of the typical lounges.
You can check the Priority Pass App or Website to see what lounges are under Priority Pass for your most commonly used airports.
Male Maldives Priority Pass Lounge
Male Maldives Priority Pass Lounge
Copenhagen Priority Pass Lounge
Copenhagen Priority Pass Lounge
Muscat Priority Pass Lounge
Muscat Priority Pass Lounge

So, if you are the type of person who eats at the airport, buys water or drinks, or pays for Wi-Fi, Priority Pass could actually save you money. It’s pretty amazing!!

Bonus: you get to feel like the cool fancy person who gets to use the lounge. 😎

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