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Men or women, we all have “travel” stories to share. I travel to meet people, to open up to the world and to all the human cultures that make this world its richness. I like to share stories that are generally talking about health tips, atypical lifestyles, women’s voices and many others that you will find in this blog.

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The most ineresting people I met while traveling:

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A story, a personal experience, a lifetime journey, all this often reminds us that we are human and that we live our own experiences. Through them we evolve and become what we are today!
With more than 80 countries visited around the world as a female traveler and many travel stories heard, I understood that what unites us all is the love we can have for ourselves and for others. Sharing common values and building oneself as a person is a long journey. As I like to say, visiting and seeing different travel destinations can help you open your mind to develop yourself even more. Discover much more stories shared in my blog!