What I Learned From My Experience At The Dear Alyne Retreat

dear alyne first retreat with all the girls

Hi! My name is Iris! Nice to meet you! 😊 I was so lucky that I had the opportunity to attend the first Dear Alyne Retreat in Bali!!!

At first, I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited to meet like minded women from all around the world and to learn more about how social media and entrepreneurship work.

But even though I was so excited to learn everything this retreat offered, I was more than anxious to meet Alyne herself. What if she was a completely different person than what she shows online? What if she didn’t care about teaching us useful things at all? I soon realized, I could not have been more wrong! Sorry Alyne! 😅

The Ultimate ‘Girl Gang’

the ultimate girl gang at the retreat
The girls bonding by the pool!- The beginning of the fun!
I arrived a day before the retreat began- the same day as Alyne! And not surprisingly at all, from the moment I met her I knew she was that honest, intelligent, and purpose-driven woman I had always admired.
After everyone checked in, the other girls and I had the opportunity to explore the beautiful town of Ubud and got to see some beautiful temples. Later that evening, around the dinner table, I finally got to know all of my companions in this adventure: an amazing, crazy, inspirational group of women from 10 different countries!!
We were all able to get close so quickly because we all have big aspirations that we plan to achieve.

First day Fun

Firstly, we got fueled up with one of the MANY delicious vegetarian meals provided by Chef Elsha. She kept all of us full and feeling nourished.

first meal at the retreat
One of our delicious meals!
the girls at the dear alyne retreat
Table time!
Our day was very busy: Alyne gave us a presentation and told us all of her story. Sabrina Lovino from JustOneWayTicket.com explained how she built her blog in only less than a year!
And Gillian Morris from hitlist told us how traveling the world can make us each better entrepreneurs. All of this information made me feel a little overwhelmed but super motivated because all of their stories had one thing in common: whatever these women wanted to create, even if they started with a few resources they just did it!
They just went for it! And they created their dream job even if before it existed! But little did I know: something super exciting was coming!
yoga time with girls
So much love within this circle!
group of girls reunited together at the retreat
One of the safest places I’ve ever been- women’s circle.

In the evening we were surprised with a women’s circle, led by a woman named Nadine from Yoga Barn. I had never attended one before, but it was one of the most intense experiences in my life.  They had created a safe place for us to share our struggles, our strengths, and it helped all of us girls create such an amazing bond!

Day 2

The second day was just as exceptional! We woke up super early in the morning to enjoy the most photogenic place on Earth: Tegallalang Rice Fields!

Alyne posing for the photograph
The natural beauty was amazing!
the swing in bali
The swings of Bali!

After our rice field adventure Agon from Project Nightfall video called us to explain the power of content creation and how much female content creators are needed now!- It was very inspiring and motivating.  After having our phone time with Agon,  Alyne talked to us about monetization of online content and the power of leveraging.

In the evening we got to choose, either to try acrobatic yoga (omg! It looked so cool!) or to watch Alyne edit something for her Instagram stories. I choose not to break my neck, (I am a piece of wood, not an acrobat at all!) 😅

Day 3

Day 3 was the busiest! We started the day with a Goal Meditation led by Amit from Yoga Barn, which in my opinion is the best way to start any day!

meditation on the terrasse at the retreat
Goal Meditation time!
watching the sunset while walking on the rice fiels
Some of us went for a walk to Campuhan ridge.
Then we had the opportunity to Skype with Tery Yu from Vibely on how to build a company from the ground up. We then got a lesson from Alyne on how to script a video by analyzing hers.
We then had a video chat with Markian about being an Introverted Influencer and the formula for viral content. Finally, we had the longest Interview of our retreat- it was with Nas!
We spoke about life, business, purpose, and motivation. It was one of the most inspiring conversations of my life.

Day 4 & 5

During the next two days we could choose to explore the beauty of Bali or work on our videos. We also helped Alyne shoot hers and got to see EVERYTHING that’s behind the scenes. Very enlightening.

all the retreat girls at the city center of bali
Us girls out in the city center exploring!
Scooter tour in bali
We are apart of a scooter gang now!

We met Erin Holmes, from the blog Explore with Erin. She Told us her touching story about how she went from having a successful family travel blog, to losing everything and having to start over again. It was very insightful.

top travel blogger and influencer posing in front of a bali door
Three Queens

Closing Thoughts

If u Asked me a week prior to the retreat what I thought I was going to learn in Bali, I would not have had much to say. This experience exceeded any expectations I could ever have. The amount of information shared was so much more than I thought and it was also precious because it was information you can’t find online.

Not only did I learn a lot from our teachers, but I also learned so much from all the girls, with whom I had the such deep and pure conversations with. These wonderful conversations and connections led me to finally start believing in MY self and realizing that I am capable of anything.

Special Thanks**

Thank you Outpost for hosing us, Kawai Bali tours for driving us around, Styledegree, 8winkasia, Jobi and Paula’s Choice for treating us with gifts, The Yoga Barn for sending us the best Yoga teachers, Acanela Expeditions for organizing the retreat, Sabrina Lovino and Gillian Morris not only for sharing with us the most useful knowledge but also for helping to manage this event we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Thank you, especially, to  Alyne for creating such an amazing experience!  You showed us what integrity means and how we can create content that can help the world be a better place for women!

all my friends for the dear alyne retreat
Forever friends!
loving alyne tamir
This is what I call magic *-*

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