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Start your adventure today!

Are you going on a trip but it’s hard to plan your perfect holiday?

From deciding to go abroad, to starting the preparations, planning your entire trip, boarding a plane and arriving in unknown territory!  There are many steps to follow for a successful and safe trip.

Planning trips is a process that can sometimes take a long time to get all the information you need.

I want to give you all the tips and the experience I’ve gained over the last 10 years. Learn how to organize your trip properly, save money while traveling, find the best accommodations in your destination!

Every week I will add new tips and tricks divided into several categories so that you can quickly get all the information you need. Still here?

Travel Tips to Start Planning your Trip

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Most Asked Questions

I make traveling easier by taking my unicorn with me. For me it’s much easier to travel with than a neck pillow because I can lean forward or sideways on it. It also is a piece of home/company with me everywhere I go. I also make it easier by taking as direct of flights as possible and trying to travel to countries close to each other instead of hopping far across the globe. That way I save time money, jetlag, and the planet by taking less flights.

I also make traveling easier by making sure I travel light. The worst trips for me are ones where I have too much stuff. As I move cities and areas pretty quickly, having to pack and unpack is unpleasant for me so I make sure to travel with as little as possible. When I get too many new things, I leave some things behind with my new friends.

Speaking of friends, finding local buddies makes my life so much easier! I do this by joining facebook groups (like GGG), travel apps (like vibely and couchsurfing) or even just connecting with people i interact with from IG. I make sure to treat them like a friend and NOT guide. Because that’s what they are!

I also prefer to travel with 1 friend and not alone. Most people these days all are about SOLO FEMALE TRAVEL YAS but to be honest I prefer to have a friend with me. It’s much easier!

I usually choose friends who have also traveled a lot so I don’t feel like they are depending on me for everything and we can support each other equally.

When I do travel alone, finding local friends is even more important! Staying at hostels helps make this easier. Hang out in the common areas and you’ll hopefully find people you can join who are planning to do the same activities as you!

Having a local SIM card is also really important these days. In the past I would use lonely planet travel books and I didn’t have a SIM card, cell phone, or internet! So if you are scared to travel, DON’T BE! It’s SOOOOO much easier now than in the past. You can do it!

There are 3 main barriers with traveling frequently. 

  • Time,
  • Money
  • Interest.
  • (And of course, for people in developing countries, PASSPORT “strength” and visas).

I have an exceptionally high interest in traveling which means ever since I was in high school I knew that as an adult I would prioritize and organize my life in a way that made Travel a viable option.

I’ve essentially crafted a life that where possible allows me to do what I really love to do. I made sure I had enough money by living a very cheap lifestyle. I would work every hour I could and take on extra hours, even sometimes skipping class to get extra hours to save money. I never spent money on extra things.

Time is also a big barrier for a lot of people. I can’t take time off of work and they can’t take time away from their kids. I knew I needed to travel while I was still young before I had big responsibilities that might come later in life.

So every summer of college I would travel with the money I saved during the year. Of course I was traveling destinations in an extremely budget style but I was still able to enjoy it because when you’re young is the best time to do budget travel!

I would also save time by traveling in certain regions every summer. Instead of jumping around different areas of the world which would be much more expensive and time-consuming, I would focus on certain areas. For example, I would find a cheap flight to somewhere in Eastern Europe and then travel in that area and then fly back from the same original airport which is usually cheapest because usually flights that are round-trip from one airport are cheaper than two one-way flights from different airports.

I have designed my entire life to be able to travel frequently.

Now that I’m adult, many people my age might have kids or families. But I decided to instead prioritize my career in traveling. Everyone needs to make that decision on their own and on a timeline that works for them. But for me I’m very happy I chose this direction and I find it very fulfilling to be able to travel frequently!

I get the best travel experience by connecting with locals and planning trips to places I enjoy, with people I enjoy it.

Some of the worst shift I ever had were because I decided to travel with someone that I didn’t really match with personality wise. I have tried to avoid making that mistake ever since!

But sometimes, you’ll just end up with a travel partner or you don’t totally messed with. Another way that I really enjoy traveling is getting in touch and meeting new people (and maybe even get to know new travel stories)!

Sometimes it’s hard to meet local people but then I can always meet people at hostels. When you say at hostels in common areas there are usually other solo travelers or small groups of travelers that are all doing the same activities, so you can just meet up and hang out and go do all of the tourism activities together.

My travel style has definitely changed over the years, when I started traveling I didn’t take many pictures and be honest I don’t even know where most of my old pictures are!

Now I really enjoy taking photographs and videos and it’s become my career and life.

Now I can’t imagine traveling without recording it and without connecting with people by telling their stories. So as you travel you need to be open to new styles as you grow, your travel style may change too!

Another way to make sure you get the best travel experience is to check the weather of the place you’re going before you go! When I was younger I didn’t realize that the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere had totally different temperatures.

So on my first trip ever I went to Peru during the summer in America, which was the winter in Peru! I was freezing cold for three months and I learned my lesson. The weather is not the same everywhere in the world!