The Best Cheapest Travel Insurance

The best cheapest travel insurance

Hey Everyone! It’s me! Alyne! 

What follows is my personal experience with the cheapest travel insurance that I’ve seen. It’s called Safety Wing. I work with them, but when I filed my claim it was completely anonymous, they treated me like a normal customer. I’m currently filing 2 more claims so I’ll update on how those go as well.

Always do your own research and make the best choice for you! Remember travel insurance isn’t meant to be PRIMARY INSURANCE. SO they almost (or never) cover things like cancer etc. Make sure your home insurance covers that.

Past topics you’ve asked me to cover include How to find the best places to stay when you travel and How to Stay Healthy and fit while traveling.

But today we tackle a VERY common question in my inbox. Turns out, all of you want the cheapest travel insurance! I get messages from you on Instagram every day asking 

“Alyne, which travel insurance do you use!?”

If you know me, you know I’ve been on the road (or rather…in the air) for 3 years now. BUT I NEVER HAD TRAVELERS INSURANCE. And I knew I wanted the cheapest travel insurance, too. Because I really hoped to never have to use it, so I didn’t want to waste hundreds of dollars a month on something I wasn’t planning to use much. I wanted it as a “just in case”.

Here are three reasons why I never got travel insurance before

  1. Because.

  2. I kinda hoped/thought I was maybe insured (lolol).
    Until age 26 I was under my Moms insurance in the US so I kinda hoped it would have covered me abroad (I have no idea if it did, and I was lucky I never got injured!).

  3. I’ve never actually BELIEVED in insurance. I mean, I believed that they try to rip you off and find every possible loophole to NEVER PAY OUT. Call me pessimistic if you will, but I’ve heard one too many stories of someone who thought they were insured but their insurance found a loophole to not payout. FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON ME.

I kept thinking “I should get travel insurance” but I didn’t have the energy to research it and didn’t trust anyone. Then I heard about Safety Wing! I knew someone who worked there personally so I trusted it more, and asked lots of questions and decided to try. It’s not meant to be primary insurance, but it’s pretty dang good travel insurance for like LITERALLY $1.30 A DAY.

Why I call Safety Wing, “The Best and Cheapest Travel Insurance”

  1. I can sign up during my trip. Most companies only cover you if you sign up before a trip while still in your home country. This obviously doesnt work for me as I travel full time. There is no “home country” that I leave and return to.

  2. Home country coverage: The US has some of the most expensive health care on earth. A tiny injury there will cost THOUSANDS. Almost no travel insurance covers me in my home country. But this one does. yass queen.

  3. CHEAP AF: $37 a month. Do you understand how amazing that is? But…does cheap mean low quality? Nope. Safety wing is backed by Tokyo Marine, one of the best and biggest insurance agencies out there. IDK how its so cheap but I think it’s bc it’s a new company so jump on it now amigos: that’s my travel tip! Also probably cheap bc most users will be young without health issues.

  4. Low YEARLY deductible. Some deductibles are PER CLAIM. But here it’s PER CYCLE. So if you sign up for 1 year, your deductible of $250 lasts the whole year. So if I submit 5 claims of $200 each. I get back $750. Pretty cool.

  5. Designed with Digital Nomads in mind. DIGITAL NOMADS ARE THE FUTURE! I’m glad the world is preparing for it!

But... does it work???



Yes. I submitted a claim like a normal person and within 30 days got a check in the mail back. It was easy to submit the claim too. I’ve had other insurance where it was such a pain to fill out the paperwork that I just gave up and didn’t ask for my money back.

I’m SO RELIEVED to have found travel insurance that actually works. I’m going to submit 2 more claims this week and will keep you updated to see how those go but SO FAR SO GOOD! And it’s definitely the cheapest travel insurance I’ve found with a good value. Let me know if I’m wrong!

MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!! This is just my experience and what I choose to use.

Here’s the link if you want to research Safety Wing (always research!!).

Happy searching and good luck!! Hope this helps 🙂 And if you know other great companies or have questions share your experiences below!


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  1. I am a cheap too! Even corona doesn’t make me buy the insurance and I have been on the road for years. But I am really looking into doing so soon. Maybe..

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