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“Making videos has changed my life, and now, I want it to change yours!” -Dear Alyne

JOIN US FOR THE WEBINAR IN THE WEEK OF AUGUST 24-28 (8pm-12am Singapore time)!


Welcome to the best CRASH COURSE in Content Creation! 

And yes, we know this page is full pink but… GUYS ARE THE MOST WELCOME! 

While real life retreats only hosted women in order to encourage a better bonding, our Digital Retreats are open to men. In fact, we have had lots of amazing male students that graduated, many of them who now work in the field!

So...what will we learn!?

working at the retreat
• How to IDEATESCRIPTSHOOTEDIT, and PUBLISH your first video!  
• How to build your brandnegotiatepitch brands, and so much more. 
  •     • Plus, 24/7 access to "The Rooftop" a hangout and brainstorming area for you and your classmates!

"What classes will we take?"

  • The Anatomy of a Video
  • The Power of Scripting
  • Choosing your platform
  • Growing an Audience of 20+ Million (with NasDaily)
  • Perfecting your pitch
  • Monetization and the Art of Negotiation
  • Video Editing Tutorial (with guest top editor)
  • Breakout Sessions with Inspiring Creators
    And more!
  • The Anatomy of a Video
  • The Power of Scripting
  • Choosing your platform
  • Growing an Audience of 20+ Million (with NasDaily)
  • Perfecting your pitch
  • Monetization and the Art of Negotiation
  • Video Editing Tutorial (with guest top editor)
  • Breakout Sessions with Inspiring Creators
    And more!

A major benefit to attending Dear Alyne Retreats is the access to top creators that are normally paid up to $50,000 AN HOUR to speak. No joke. We get to not only hear them speak, but have private Q and A’s where you can ask anything – literally. 

all girls creating their project at the retreat
all girls creating their project at the retreat

What's included?

25+ Hours of Live Classes

Taught by Dear Alyne and guest lecturers like Janet Newenham, Daxon, Nas Daily, and more!

Access to DADR Alumni Network

You'll have access to a private Facebook group with your fellow graduates to work together, ideate, and collaborate!

Private Whatsapp Group

A support chat with Dear Alyne's team, as well as all your classmates! (This group is never deleted)

Weekly Check In's

All graduates create weekly check in sessions, where they build friendships and support each others growth!

Video Contest and Prizes!

Win a private session with Dear Alyne, Nas Daily, Amazon gift cards and more!

Graduation Ceremony

A Graduation Ceremony bonus day and your own DADR Graduation Certificate!

What's the Investment?

$ 700
....which breaks down to $13 an hour! (Many creators charge 2x this for pre-recorded classes)

Haven't decided yet?

Here’s more of what participants from the first Digital Retreat had to say:

"What you learn here, you can't get anywhere else"
Lorena Pérez
April Graduate
"I came to the retreat as a beginner with big dreams but small confidence, BUT Alyne, her team and the precious community we built, encouraged me so much"
Sara Novoselac
May Graduate
"The classes are well structured. It reminds me of my Georgetown University MBA classes!"
Daniel Lopez
June Graduate

Success Stories...


got over 15,000 views on her first ever video and later on received a job as an editor!


who worked as a banker shot her first video at the retreat and hit over 80,000 views!


who was originally a teacher got hired to teach at The Nas Academy!


Yes! The amount of information and classes structure stays mainly the same. The schedule is always subject to change due to our speakers’ avalability, but there are no major differences and the amount of classes stays the same.

This course is designed for people of all ages (18+). All genders. We’ve had students with zero experience win the video contests, people from 21 to well over 50, Moms with many kids, videographers, students figuring out their direction, business owners with huge franchises, and even people with hundreds of thousands of followers. Each and every person loved the course.

No. Due to the big capacity of this retreat, Alyne will not be able to give personal advice or to answer messages. There will be Q&A sessions after each class, however only the most important ones will be selected and answered by the speakers.  

No. We’ve had numerous students that put together amazing videos only by using their phone. Alyne also started her Facebook page by posting videos shot on her phone or webcam. You should only invest in advanced tech once you are fully ready!

Each and every retreat is structured depending on the class level, however the general level is low to intermediate. Students will receive a homework email right after signing up in order to be at least basically familiarized with video shooting and editing by the beginning of the course week. Therefore, this course is meant for those who are new to content creation – at most intermediate. If you feel like you may be too advanced and are unsure, please ask the team if it’s suitable for you!

No! We have decided to accept those that are 16+ as long as there is parental permission.

This is a group of all levels so we will be covering a lot of information, some of it you may know! We will be covering all social media platforms with a focus on Facebook.

This is a complete content creation retreat that includes video making but it’s not the only focus and thing you will learn.

No! Even though most of the classes are taught by Alyne and the Webinar is hosted by Dear Alyne, the focus is not on her. We are proud to have a line-up of many amazing speakers that each teach what they are best at. Speakers are always subject to change.

The retreat will take place between August 24-28.


New York 8am – 12pm
California 5am – 9am
Singapore 8pm-12am
Germany 2pm-6pm
Dubai 4pm – 8pm

Ready to learn?!

Past retreats have all sold out quickly so please reserve your spot immediately with an $100 Deposit. We'll shoot you a welcome e-mail with homework (yes, homework!) within 24 hours!

We can't wait to meet you!

Questions? E-mail us team@dearalyne.com - we're listening.

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