Edit it up!

Join us and learn advanced editing with Mitch Summers, a member of the NasDaily team with over 300,000 followers!

See you there on NOVEMBER 1, 10pm Singapore time for a 2.5 hour teaching session!

Not sure if you can attend LIVE?

 No problem! You have the option to purchase the course recording, which is yours to keep and review forever!

What will I learn?!

  • Keyframes - Drawings that define the starting and ending points of any smooth transition
  • Colour Correction and changing colours of objects
  • Masking - a tool that allows you to target effects to a specific area
  • Reframing and digital zoom
  • Slow motion and “speed up” audio and/or video for dramatic or fun effects

Bonus, you get an extra hour by the end of the class in which you can chat and socialize with your classmates! You also get exclusive access to our past graduates network – ask them anything!

Why should you learn advanced editing?!

Ever wondered how to have two different you appearing in one video? Or fancy colour techniques to make your video pop? In this workshop, we have a special guest instructor here to teach you how to do all these!

Meet Mitch!

the Facebook content creator followed by over 300,000! Mitch loves to play around with different editing techniques in order to get the best end results! Join his class and learn how to level up the quality of your videos.

In order to tell powerful stories you need to master powerful video editing.

Save the date!

Sunday, November 1st, 2020,

10 pm Singapore time!

Save the date!

Sunday, November 1st, 2020, 10pm Singapore time.

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What do I need
in order to join?

This class is dedicated to those 

that have past editing experience 

in video editing and are already 

at an intermediate / advanced 

level, in order for everyone to 

be able to follow along.

What do I need in order to join?!

This class is dedicated to those that have past editing experience in video editing and are already at an intermediate / advanced level, in order for everyone to be able to follow along.

Got what it takes?!

Got what it takes?!

What's the


What's the investment?


The class will take place on October 18th, 10pm Singapore time.

This course is designed for people with past experience in video editing that are now at an intermediate level and wish to create advanced content.

You have the option to purchase the live class together with the recordings for an additional $26. The recordings do not sell separately.

A bundle is a set of 3 live workshops that come with a discount if purchased together. Check our payment portal for all the prices!

No, unfortunately we do not allow any upgrades. Please book your spot only after you are 100% sure of the class/classes you want to take!

Get that money!

Learn from Ben, who works in the influencer market, how to reach out to brands, how to collaborate with companies and make content creation your full time job!

Crank up the volume!

Learn with YouTuber Rosie Gabrielle, whose videos have been watched over 30M times, how to use audio effects in order to transfor your video completely!

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